Jo Ellis ATPC

Jo Ellis ATPC

Learn to thrive in Chelmsford: overcome Phobias, Depression, Emetophobia, Stress and Anxiety with The Thrive Programme® 


My name is Jo Ellis, and I am a Thrive Consultant® here in Chelmsford.

Hello my name is Jo and I would like to personally send you a warm welcome and a big thank you for taking the time to visit my website today.

I am 43 years old and have been a Fitness Professional for 24 years. My passion in life has always been helping, caring and motivating people lead healthier lifestyles. I also became a HCA health care assistant at NHS Hospital for 3 years.

Although I loved the career I chose in life, I couldn’t escape the thoughts of the past. I had a very challenging childhood and would focus on all the bad things that happened rather than any good experiences in my life, I had happy times of course, but i would describe my life as an emotional rollercoaster and when I felt down I would blame my past, I used to worry about what other people thought of me, I didn’t take any notice of how i felt about myself, and was not aware of the way I spoke to myself, didn’t even think about the consequences of having a limiting belief system.

Finding The Thrive Programme® has been life changing for me personally. It has had an enormously positive and transforming affect on my life and those around me.

The Programme is a simple, empowering psychological training course, that most people master in just six weeks. You will learn how to overcome any phobias, fears, anxieties or other symptoms that you have, take back control of your life, and learn to thrive. The programme was created by a therapist with over 30 years experience, is fully backed up by scientific research, and is currently also being used is Schools, businesses, organisations and hospitals – to great effect.

Learn to thrive in Chelmsford – without medication or therapy – with the REVOLUTIONARY Thrive Programme®. Take control of your life in just six weeks…  Find out more…

What is Thriving?

To thrive is to feel completely alive, powerful and in control of your life.
When you are thriving, you are able to manage your thinking and beliefs to the point that you don’t suffer stress, anxiety or other problems. Why settle for ‘average’?



The Thrive Programme® is a life-changing evidence-based training programme that empowers you with the skills, insights and resources in order to take control of your life, overcome any symptoms or problems you have, and thrive!


Some of the symptoms overcome everyday with The Thrive Programme® include: